How Not to Fail at Your Efforts at Trying to Fuck a Milf

Trying to fuck a milf is very different from actually fucking one. I’m sure you probably don’t need me to remind you of that. Unfortunately, a lot guys are under the false assumption that they just need to think about trying to fuck a milf and they are 80% of the way there. I’m sorry, but the law of attraction doesn’t work with this kind of shit. Seriously.

The law of attraction works in many different areas of your life. In fact, it can work across the board if you know what you’re doing. But when it comes to the very touchy subject of trying to fuck a milf, there’s a lot more complications. There’s a lot more parts that you need to pay attention to, otherwise, you’re going to fail again and again.

So how do you make sure that you do not fail in your efforts at milf dating? First, you have to have the right attitude. You have to understand that just because this is an older woman, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she should consider herself lucky that you, an overweight or out of shape loser, would try to fuck her.

You have to understand that these women are professionals. A lot of them have been around the block, a lot of them have money, and they don’t have time for boys. Seriously. They don’t have time to fuck around with immature guys. You have to bring it. And I’m talking about not just physical action, but mental action as well. You have to exercise some level of maturity and emotionally divorce your dick from your feelings. Otherwise, it’s simply not going to work.

Second, you can’t be desperate. You have to remember that women have this desperation radar. Seriously. If you’re walking down the street and you look really confident and the confidence is so strong that it gives off the unmistakable message that “you need my dick more than I need your pussy,” then women will be attracted to you. Seriously. That’s how it works.

Unfortunately, guys are programmed to “I need as much pussy as possible and I don’t care where it comes from.” Desperation is in the air and, guess what? It repels women. In fact, women laugh at your ass for being so desperate. Make them work for it, make sure you are confident, make sure you have something worth fucking, and make sure that you communicate to the world that you are worthy. I know this sounds like the law of attraction, but there are certain parts of the law of attraction that works, but not in the way that you expect.

Finally, you have to speak value. What I mean by that is you need to talk about what you can do for them. Now, I don’t mean like you’re going to have to get down on your knees and offer to suck every piece of pussy that comes by. I’m not talking about that. I’m not talking about making a fool out of yourself. I’m talking about speaking value from a position of confidence.

If women can see that there is definite value for jumping up and down on your dick, then they would do it. But if you’re the typical scrub who is all desperate about trying to fuck a milf, then you’re just going to fail over and over again until you get it right.